BMX Stunt Shows and Business Block Parties

Need a BMX Bike Stunt Team to Perform a BMX Stunt Show for Your Business Block Party, Event, Festival, or Venue?As rough economic times have fallen on most people and business owners alike, of which, consumers and business owners are now utilizing a myriad of resourceful and creative methods of saving and making money. Local business owners, large business owners, and big corporations are all continuously searching for inexpensive ideas to further promote their business, brand, products, or services.Recently, local business owners and business owners alike have been getting very creative with marketing and advertising strategies for their businesses and have recently started to use BMX bike stunt teams for extreme stunt shows at business block parties and customer appreciation days. This concept is becoming more and more popular as it is a much cheaper method of attracting more traffic and attention for multiple businesses, while splitting the costs of the business block parties across the multiple businesses taking part in the said events.Some businesses have found this method of cost cutting, cross promotion, a very effective means of advertising and marketing in a tight economy and on a low budget. The old saying – “Scratch My back, and I will Scratch yours”, has quite frankly, fast become a very popular concept once again for people, consumers, and business owners alike.Business owners have also been getting very creative in how they plan, execute, market, and advertise these business block parties. Once again the idea is to save money, in hopes of making more money. That being said, business owners have been inviting radio stations, TV stations, Media Outlets, Newspapers, non profits, other business owners, donations from other business owners for ad/marketing spaces (banners, shirts, giveaways, brochures, sales materials), restaurants and chefs, special guests, kids entertainment (bounce houses, games, face painting, clowns, cartoon characters…), bands, and maybe some extreme entertainment from BMX bike stunt teams or extreme stunt teams.In essence, the basis for any business block party is to have something that appeals to as many different types of people as possible.How to Plan A Business Block PartyPlanning a venue or event can sometimes seem like a very daunting task. The fact that your business may just get that extra exposure it needs and at a cheap price may be worth the effort for not only one event, but numerous venues and events to come. Listed below are some general steps to follow when you are planning a local business block party.Brainstorm by yourself and then with other business owners. Get creative.
Find other businesses to come to event or sponsor/donate at event in exchange for shout outs over PA systems (radio,TV, and newspaper possibly as well)
banners hung and ads hung or displayed, sales and promotional material handed out…
Organize all information, businesses involved, materials needed, place to hold event, any required permits and paperwork, and marketing and advertising information.
Lay out a definitive plan of action and plan of action/to do lists for people and businesses involved in the event/venue.
Contact any non profits that may want to participate in the event as well. Such as blood banks, mobile pet non profits, book drives, schools, boy scouts / girl scouts, churches and other religious institutes, food drives and shelters, so on and so forth. These non profits may just help in getting the additional media exposure your business block party needs, best of all, it should be free.
Contact newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations to come out to the event to participate or cover the event.
Start the marketing and advertising campaigns at least a month prior to your event or venue. Leverage direct marketing and advertising, internet advertising and internet marketing, and mobile marketing and mobile advertising for maximum integration and exposure for any and all events and venues.
Start getting materials, businesses, services, entertainment in order and organized for the event. Make checklists, take inventory, micro manage, and communicate with all parties involved.
Finalize all details, confirm businesses and services, confirm entertainment and catering (or food), confirm non profits, and confirm media outlets. Check that all materials have been purchased and are ready for the actual event or venue.
Execution of a local block party eventIf the event is set up, managed, and executed properly; the businesses involved should have nothing but a great time and hopefully a prosperous one to. Keep in mind that even if a business owner does not make on red cent, they have actually achieved more than they may understand. Using a business block party provides exposure, brand exposure, business image exposure, offline foot traffic, online web traffic and web exposure, possibly new leads and sales, and most importantly word of mouth advertising from people who actually went to the event.So as you can see and hopefully understand, a business owners success is not always measured by the amount of money they make in any one given day, but more so how effectively they market and advertise their business while setting themselves up for future success. The trick of it is weathering the current economic conditions amongst the many other hardships of owning a business these days.Need help with marketing and advertising of your business block party, special event, or corporate event?

Things You Don’t Know to Build Business Savings

Business saving is possible either by increasing the income or by cutting down the expenses. If you are a business starter, a sudden increase in income is least likely to happen.What can be done to build business savings relates to your ability to spend business funds wisely. Most new business owners are not aware of the important things that lead to business savings. The following discussion is an opportunity that should help you learn things you don’t know regarding business savings:Importance of BudgetingFirst and foremost, you must know the importance of having a business budget in place. You can understand the importance of budgeting from the concept of personal budgeting that most people use to spend their personal earnings wisely.The same is true for business spending. If you have not already planned a business budget plan, it should be the first step in the direction of building business savings.Importance of AccountingMany business owners, generally those having a small business, overlook the importance of hiring an accountant. Accounting is important to keep all business records intact to maintain a balance between business earning and spending, to analyze monthly and quarterly business financial statements, to plan tax saving, and for many other tasks.As you can see, all these things ultimately contribute toward business savings. So another important thing you must do is hire a certified accountant who can share the responsibility of building savings for your business.Importance of Tax PlanningBusiness starters often carry the burden of income tax returns, mainly because they are unaware about efficient tax planning. You must be familiar about the various types of income tax deductions that play a great role in increasing business savings. Another good way of tax saving is by hiring independent contractors.Most importantly, it is important to provide accurate information in the tax return documents to save your business from IRS penalties. As a new business owner, you must rely on an experienced accountant who can help you with tax planning and business savings.Importance of Second-hand EquipmentsMost business owners don’t understand the importance of buying second-hand equipments that are in a good working condition. You can easily lower business expenses and contribute toward business savings by opting for reconditioned or second-hand equipments.In the start of the business, there is absolutely no need to invest in brand new equipments. You can easily find second-hand equipments at reasonable prices so that you can save the business funds for other purposes.For example, equipments like computers, printers, copy machines and even the office furniture can be purchased at second-hand prices from reliable resources.Importance of Comparison Shopping You may not know the importance of comparison-shopping while buying office supplies, but the internet has made it easier for office equipment buyers to compare the prices offered by different equipment suppliers.Shopping by comparing these prices can definitely help you contribute toward business saving. You can also look online for office supplies from suppliers located in neighboring cities and regions.Importance of Energy Consumption MonitoringRunning computers, air-conditioners, and other electronic equipments and devices installed in the office add to the business expenses. Most business starters are unaware of the importance of monitoring energy consumption that can help in building business savings.You must use energy-efficient devices that consume less energy and ultimately cut down the power bill. The use of auto-setback thermostats can also help you save power and money. An important aspect related to the use of energy efficient devices is that this helps you obtain tax benefits for helping the environment.Importance of Online AdvertisingStart-up business owners often don’t know or ignore the importance of online advertising. Not only is online advertising a great medium to reach the targeted customers, it also helps to save overall money on business promotion campaigns.Online advertising can be done in a cost-effective manner through many useful ways. Email marketing, newsletter marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and content marketing are some of the many ways to extract the benefits of online advertising.One of the greatest benefits of internet marketing is that it helps you spend less as compared to traditional marketing campaigns.Importance of Good Shipping PlansIf your business involves shipping products to different customers located in different geographical locations, you must know the importance of having a good shipping plan in place. You must ship the ordered products once every week so that bulk orders are shipped at once. Also, use carriers and mailing service providers who offer reasonable rates and discounts on shipping services.There are many more ways that can help you increase your business savings. Once you start following the tips mentioned above, you can learn about other such tips over time and become proficient in business saving.

Personal Growth Programs Reviewed – Or How to Choose the Right Personal Growth Program for You

I have bought, studied and avoided more personal growth programs than most people could even name!There are a good number of valuable and results-producing programs out there. My purpose in this article is simply to give a review of what qualities and characteristics anyone in the market for a personal growth program should be looking for – before they buy into one.The number one thing to watch for in any program? You must be not only allowed, but expected, to take personal responsibility for your own thinking, feelings and actions throughout the program – there is no attempt or expectation for you to hand this over to someone who tells you how to feel, or what to think or say or believe, or what to do.Corollary to this: there should be no push or even subtle expectation that you become a follower (adept, believer) of any single person in the organization providing the materials. The teachings or processes are the important thing to follow – not the personality of their presenter(s).However, it is always good to keep in mind the attitudes and behaviors of the people you will be listening to or studying with as you do the program. Do members of the organization and the teachers “walk their talk”, that is, are they consistently and naturally open-minded, nonjudgmental, positive in word and deed, respectful and loving of practitioners – even if the latter use more than one program to achieve their personal objectives?Corollary to this: do the people leading/presenting the program give you time and space to use the processes on your own – at your own pace, in your own time – without expectation of “deadlines for progress”? Here it is all about comfort and independence as you do the program.Do the providers of the program expect or oblige you (via an auto-ship, pre-pay or other type of program) to buy additional products to “complete” the basic package you have already purchased? Certainly you should be free do so if you get clear and valuable benefits. But if the “basic program” is presented as “complete and all you need” to achieve what the providers state is the outcome of their program – be wary of the requirement to purchase anything else to “achieve the results you came for”.The program you follow should allow you to personally experience the change(s) it promises. If nothing happens in your personal experience, you are not growing – so leave! It is never enough for a teacher to say, “Now you have changed by doing this.” The bottom line test is that you feel a difference, in your own perception, for the better.Corollary to this: does the program have even a simple “measuring tool of progress” for you to use on your own?Next, you really need to start any program in a personal comfort zone – and expect that your zone will be (gently) challenged and then expanded by the program and its processes.A comfort zone, in my view, starts with language: Does the program use, right from the start, words and language that you both understand and are meaningful to you? You should not have to learn a new language to improve your life! Does it give you clear, basic guidance and clearly answer your basic questions to your satisfaction? If you are expected to learn special terminology or ways of speaking – how practical is the process in your everyday life?Elitist? Effective? A special vocabulary may make the program you’ve chosen sound “elite”, but if you are in the market to improve your life – would you rather have “elite” or “effective”? Effective tools are tools that you will use every day – and using them every day is what is going to change your life around, right?Related to this, does the program ask that you make radical changes in any part of your daily living? Ask yourself (and answer honestly), “Will I stick with this new way of doing things?” “Will I give it all up because I am not ready or willing to make anything but gently incremental changes?”Has the organization and its teachers got a track record of success with its past and current students or practitioners? In other words, do they willingly give you testimonials (audios, videos, texts) from real people that have successfully used the program? Are the organization and its teachers people you can trust, even though the process or program they present seems to challenge you? (Remember that to grow means to be challenged!)Does the process, method or program have an inner consistency or thread running through it that speaks to you and that gives you ways to measure your own success or progress in using it?Would you be happy or reluctant to share with loved ones or even strangers what you are doing? That is, are you able to speak in ordinary language about the program? Or are you embarrassed to do so? We are probably better off choosing something that we can share with those around us (if it came to that) because – after all is said and done – you are in the program to make life improvements, right? If someone in your life notices that you have changed and asks you about it – would you rather have the willingness and the words to tell him how you did it… or be in a position to prefer denial that anything has happened?