5 Secrets to Attract New Customers to Your Work From Home Business Revealed

Your work from home business requires a constant stream of new customers in order to grow and thrive. There are number of ways that can be employed to catch the attention of new customers and direct them to your work from home business website. Contrary to popular belief the list of strategies you can utilize to make your work from home business products and services magnetic to buyers is endless. Here are just 5 strategies you can employ.1. Offer your customers rights to sell the product they are buying for an additional free. Many people come to the internet looking for work from home businesses and many of them have no products of their own. Letting them have reproduction rights for say an extra $20, will make them love you. You can impose restrictions to ensure that you preserve your copy right and continue to profit from the product.2. You may choose to sell a basic version of your product to new customers and charge an extra cost for a superior version. There is an inherent need in people to have the best and many will not hesitate to come back and buy the deluxe edition. To ensure that your work from home business grows, make sure that the basic version goes beyond your customer’s expectations.3. Offer an additional product at a discount. This strategy works well when your work from home business sells products that will be used again in the future such as memberships. Give a discount to customers who buy an annual membership and charge higher for semi-annual memberships. In such cases, make sure that your basic product is the semi-annual membership.4. Increase the discount with the number of products ordered. This works like the quantity discount in the real world. If your work from home business sells original articles for example, you could offer a discount of 5% for a pack of
three 10% for a pack of 5 and 20% for a pack of ten.5. Use the delivery time to help customers that are interested in fast delivery. Set a standard time for service delivery and charge more for a quicker service. Everyone is in hurry these days because of the increasing pressures of doing business. For this strategy to work make sure that your work from home business is efficient. The normal delivery time for your services should be better than the competition.There are many other strategies you can use to get a constant stream of customers and build your work from home business. Make sure you sell a quality product and that service for your work from home business customers is top of the range. Be creative and continuously think of new ways improve your work from home business.